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First day of work

You know that feeling when you start a new job? Where you have no idea what to do, where to go and end up feeling like a complete idiot? Yeah, it happened again.

After finding my way to security to get my visitor's badge, we had to wait a few minutes for our manager to come "pick us up". All the employees were looking at us and (maybe it's just me) snickering. I thought, okay what's the joke? What, do we have something on our face? Or maybe it was more of a "FRESH MEAT" kind of thing. I don't know.

Anyways, we were led through the maze that is our building to our main work area.

boy, was I completely overdressed. They said it was business casual but in reality it's friday casual every day. I'm not complaining, it's a relief.

I'll probably buy a some new tops and jeans, which is a lot less expensive than dress clothes.
I'm still sick and hating it.
That's all for now.
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Not feeling to great, going to head to bed soon and hope tomorrow is in easy day in class. I know we're working on our chp. 2 assignments so if I can knock those out in the first hour I can leave early and go for my run/walk. It's been a bit chilly lately with the strong winds. It's annoying as heck when I'm running and it aggravates my allergies.

Hopefully our juicer will arrive tomorrow so I can start juicing all that produce we have stored in the fridge.

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feb 23
Today was a successfully active day. I completed my half mile between 7:30 - 8 minutes. If I can keep my pace, that means I'll have a 15-16 min. mile which is way better than my 20 minute walking mile. 
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Just a quick and brief update.

  • New job starts March 4th

  • I get paid every week (YUSSSS)

  • I studied for my first medical terminology quiz (tomorrow) and I'm kinda freaking out because it's a lot of terms and things to know. Also, I don't know if I need a scantron.

  • My unemployment $ has been delayed, don't know why and every time I try to talk to a real person from the EDD the recording says they're "too busy at the moment" and I should "try again later". I needed that money at the beginning of the week fools! I have bills to pay!

  • My friend is treating me to lunch tomorrow to celebrate my new job

  • My new job is less than 30 miles from my house. HALLELUJAH! If you don't know, for awhile I was living out here and working in Orange County. I was driving 60+ miles ONE WAY to work. So this is like a short drive compared to that. Oh and I'm getting paid almost double what I was getting paid at my job in OC.

  • I want to sign up for the Color Run in May in OC. I don't hate the OC but it is damn expensive to live out there. If I had a job that paid what I will be getting paid, I would have stayed out there with a roommate or two because it so nice to be so close to the beach and overall the weather and atmosphere is lovely.

  • I worked out super hard today and I'm SO sore and will be even more sore tomorrow.

  • I hope it's not too windy tomorrow because I want to go out and run/walk.

  • I'm going to crash in bed...possibly still in my clothes because I'm that tired and cold.

new hair

Promises, promises

I am trying to be on here more regularly but I'm a part of so many online communities, sometimes this one suffers.

Good, no, Great news! I was hired for a job today! It's a temp job for Bank of America but it's possible to move up to permanent position. I'm extremely grateful and stoked because the hours and pay are great. It is a part-time position (25 hours a week) but the pay is awesome ($15/hr).

I'm happy to begin working soon but this means I have to go buy a new work wardrobe. All my old work clothes doesn't fit me's too BIG! Yes, I had lost several inches of my waist and hips from Dec to January. Tomorrow I will be having my measurements taken again and I'm hoping for some good results. Eating has been a bit rocky these past few weeks but overall I'm happy with myself. This is the longest I've stuck with eating healthy and exercising. Having a fitness lab class really helps motivate and keep me in check when I'm planning out my food choices and exercise plans.

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut (courtesy of my parents) so I think I'll just have the stylist just shorten the layers, make them more noticeable. I have very thin and lifeless hair so layers are needed.

I filed my taxes tonight and I'm getting back more than what I made, thank God for education credits. That will go to either paying off one of my credit card's completely or paying down the one with the highest interest rate, not sure yet.

Overall, today has been great!
new hair

I'm back!

Sorry I've been MIA. My parents were gone for most of last week so I was taking care of my little sister and in charge of the house.
School started this week and I already hate it. The parking situation is 10x worse than when I was here four years ago. I know now I have to leave 1 hour before so I can get to class on time.
I gained again this week and it's frustrating as heck and don't know what's going on. I do know that I'm doing the right things so I'm just pressing on and ignoring the scale.

I might be getting a job with B of A as a vault clerk. I'd be getting full-time hours with good pay and I'm super hopeful about it. The recruiter was supposed to e-mail me all the info so I could reply with an updated resume. I haven't received the e-mail yet so I'm going to call him back and see if something went wrong.

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Good news:

  • I have a job interview on Tuesday with a previous employer (5+ years). I'm excited and hopeful!
  • I'm not diabetic
  • All my vitals were in the normal range

Bad news:

  • I'm up 1.6lbs this week. I mean, WTH?! I was super aware of what I was eating and how much I was eating. I worked out another 5 days straight and really killed myself at the gym on Friday (my sister bought me a day pass and I kicked butt!). My sister says it just happens sometimes and I understand but I only started changing my eating habits and adding in exercise two weeks ago. It's too soon for this to happen!

I just keep reminding myself that even though the scale doesn't want to corroborate my story, the change in my measurements proves it. From December to January I trimmed 4 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. My clothes fit better and I'm getting stronger.

A milestone for me: I exercised 10 out of 14 days. That's never happened before. If I continue one more week, I will be on my way to creating a healthy habit.

That's all for now...oh and I got contacts for the first time in 3 years.

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Things may be improving

My finances are not improving but the situations surrounding them seem to be on the rise.

I finally called Discover and spoke to a very nice gentleman who was considerate and helpful. I do still have to pay $250 for January but as soon as I get my enrollment verification and paperwork faxed over to them, I should be in the clear while they verify everything. My dad is footing the bill but I very much intend to pay him back ASAP. This will defer my student loans until next June as I am going for an additional associate's degree as well as a certification that I hope will make me more marketable in my desired job field.

My paperwork/packet for unemployment arrived yesterday. I will be getting enough money a month to pay my credit card bills and have extra to put in my savings. 

I might qualify for a grant to help pay for my textbooks and school supplies. I'm eagerly awaiting my financial aid package from school.

I have applied for a few jobs recently, one for a previous employer (5 years) that will pay me more than minimum wage. 

I don't care that people are telling me I should be "looking for a real job", I'm trying to find something that will help me NOW. 
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Hope all of you out there in the LJ-verse are doing hunky dory. 
It's been about a week with my new eating habits and you know what? I think I could make this the norm. I'm feeling good and with enough energy to exercise.

Other than that life is kinda crappy. I applied for unemployment last week. I got some mail from them, requiring me to register for CalJobs online which I did lickety split. I hope I receive my first check soon because bills will be here before I know it.

I did register for classes at my community college today. The one I swore I would never return to 3.5 years ago. 3.5 years, one bachelor's degree and $k in debt later, I'm back! I'm only taking three courses because A) I only have to be part-time to put my loans into deferment B) the other classes I needed for a certification were not offered this semester C) I really didn't want to be stuck to a full-time schedule again, especially if I find a job.

I'm taking medical terminology, Microsoft Office course (boring because I know MS Office like the back of my hand) and a physical fitness lab. I have to log in 36 visits throughout the semester, but it's whenever I decide to go. I have to go at least 3 times a week to meet the requirement before the end of the semester, which won't be hard. I need to get out of this house! I'm here all damn day and all damn night. I have no money so I can't really do much about it. At least with these three courses I'll be out of the house more often, diffusing tension between me and my mom.

Since I applied for the BOGW (Board of Governor's Fee Waiver), I didn't have to pay for my classes ($46 bucks a unit) and I got a discounted parking permit ($20 instead of $50), so the remaining balance was $62. My dad covered it for now but I applied for fafsa yesterday so I should qualify for some free money as I am a broke, independent individual. If so, I will pay him back and then buy my ridiculously overpriced textbooks. 

scary health problems

Yesterday, after returning home from
dropping off my dad's gym bag I had a ring of fuzziness and a major
migraine. It was on the right side of my head, both front and back, and I
felt super nauseous. Light and sound bothered me so I went to bed. I
woke up 5 hours later with much less pain, only when I would cough would
I feel the pain in my right temple area.

ate dinner (1 cup of
lentils, 1/2 cup rice and an izze because I had plenty of calories
left) and about 20 minutes later my dad read my blood sugar (he's
diabetic) and it was 180; apparently that is very high

This morning my dad took my fasting blood sugar and it was 118, not normal. Normal is 100 or below.

I called the office to schedule an appointment with my dr. but the
soonest an appointment is available is Feb.14th! I can't even see my
endocrinologist because it's been 1+ year since I've seen him and I need
a new referral from my doctor

The vision problem and migraine really worried me because it could be a whole host of problem, so I'm
going to call every day and see if there are any cancellations. In
addition to that, I'm seeing my eye doctor for annual check up. I was
wearing my sunglasses while driving, which are a different prescription
than my regular glasses. I don't know if that could have been a
contributing factor but still, better check all my bases.

ll day I have had a slight, very slight headache. A dull pain behind my eyes
and cheeks. I also have plugged ears and some phlegm. This makes me
think it's a sinus problem so I took some decongestant when I got my
sister's apt tonight

I also just ate some egg whites and bacon
and feel better. I've only eaten 1200 calories, well below my usual and I
did work out today

I'm not sure if the pain is really there or I'm worrying so much I'm giving myself a headache.

I'm refusing to worry about this anymore. I'm giving it up to God, just doing my part of eating healthy and exercising daily.